Franciscan Notes


The section dedicated to Franciscan notes is aimed at providing material for students of Franciscan spirituality, theology and history. The notes have been prepared by the author as a result of his teaching experience, and cover such areas as the Writings of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, the Mediaeval Sources for the Lives of Francis and Clare, and the History of the Franciscan Order. They can be of help to provide a basic understanding of what the Franciscan Order is all about, and are useful as teaching tools for those who are responsible for initial and ongoing formation of Franciscan religious and seculars.

Introduction to the Writings of St. Francis

The Rules of St. Francis

Spiritual Writings

The Letters of St. Francis

The Prayers of St. Francis

Dictated Writings



Modern Study

Francis the Saint

Francis the Founder (Part 1)

Francis the Founder (Part 2)

Francis the Prophet

History of the Franciscan Movement Vol.1

History of the Franciscan Movement Vol.2

Course on Franciscan spirituality (in italian)

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