New Life of St. Francis for those in formation

We are posting a Life of Saint Francis of Assisi, written by Fr. Noel Muscat ofm in 2003, in Italian, entitled “Vita di San Francesco d’Assisi”. This on-line publication is a popular biography of the Saint of Assisi, written in the form of notes, with the aim of providing an initial approach to the life of Saint Francis for candidates to the Franciscan life.

In fact, the author, wrote these notes originally for a group of postulants when he was serving for one year as a formator in the Province of Albania. The life is written in such a way as to provide a chronological presentation of the salient moments of the vocational experience of Francis of Assisi, with the help of various quotations taken directly from the Sources for the Life of Saint Francis, particularly “The Life of Saint Francis” by Thomas of Celano and “The Legend of Three Companions”.

In this way candidates to the Franciscan life can read a biography of Saint Francis that leads them on to read and study the Sources in their period of initial formation. This work is simply a first approach to the study of the Sources. Its style is simple and easily readable, and it provides an initial contact with Saint Francis for all those who are not very familiar with his life.

The book is ideal for houses of vocational welcome for candidates to the Franciscan life and maybe also for use during the year of postulancy. Our aim is to provide an English version of this biography in the near future.

Free download here   (Vita di S. Francesco d’Assisi – pdf)

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