Saint Bonaventure and his vision of saint Francis and the theology of history in the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI

0 (1)Joseph Ratzinger published his volume, Die Geschichtstheologie des heiligen Bonaventura, in Munich in 1959. Since that year this monumental volume has been translated and republished in various languages, particularly during the years in which Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013). In this volume Ratzinger makes a detailed analysis of the concept of theology of history as outlined in the context of the 13th century schools of theology, particularly in the University of Paris during the time in which Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio was lecturing, and especially during the final years as minister general of the Franciscan Order, when he delivered some famous Parisian lectures or conferences, especially the Collationes in Hexaëmeron, between 9 and 28 May 1273.

St Bonaventure and his vision of St. Francis and Theology of history in the teachings of pope Benedict XVI


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