Spirit + Life No. 129: July – September 2019


July – September 2019

Spirit + Life 129

Issue 129 of Spirit + Life is now online. The main contribution in this Franciscan culture review is dedicated to the figure of Father Alfons Marija Camilleri OFM (1910-1994) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death on 16 August 1994. Father Alfons was one of the most distinguished Franciscans of the Maltese OFM Province. Minister Provincial for two terms, and three times Visitator General to important Provinces of the Order, he is remembered for his courage and dedication to the values of Franciscan life. The study is published after thorough consultation in the archives of the Maltese OFM Province, and of two autobiographical manuscripts of Father Alfons. The celebrations of the 800 anniversary of the arrival of Saint Francis in the Holy Land are also the object of the third part of a study that will be presented during this current year, this time focusing on the Franciscan Sources. Lastly, a study by a Franciscan young student in Jerusalem on the true nature of the mission of Saint Francis among the Muslims brings some interesting insights on the motives that prompted the Poverello to undertake his journey to Egypt in 1219.


Free download here (pdf)


2019 – TAU Franciscan Communications
Permission granted for unlimited use.
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