Spirit + Life No. 131: January – March 2020


Review of Franciscan Culture


The Franciscan Cultural Review “Spirit+Life” 131 (January – March 2020) features papers commemorating events in the early history of the Franciscan Order, particularly referring to the year 1220. The development of the Order from the Forma Vitae of 1219 to the Regola non bullata of 1221 is the subject of an initial analysis of the contents of the Earlier Rule that was approved nearly 800 years ago, in view of a more profound attention to the theme in 2021. The 200 years since the discovery of Saint Francis Tomb in the crypt of the Assisi Basilica on 4 December 1818, constitute the subject of a summary of a study published in the review Miscellanea Francescana. The year 1220 was also an important moment for the early Franciscan fraternity. During Francis’ absence in the East the Order went through a crisis. A solution was found with the institution of the Cardinal Protector in the person of Ugo di Ostia, who took care to ensure that the friars Minor would be accepted as catholics, particularly in France. Thus, Pope Honorius III published the Bulla Pro dilectis (29 May 1220). Lastly, on 16 January 1220, Brothers Berardo Calvi and Companions suffered martyrdom in Marrakesh, Morocco. They are the first martyrs of the Order.



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