Spirit + Life No. 133: July – September 2020

Review of Franciscan Culture

The Franciscan Cultural Review “Spirit+Life” 133 (July – September 2020) features two papers by fr. Noel Muscat, one on Franciscan Theology Tradition and its Relevance to our Contemporary Culture, and the other on the Letter “Cum secundum consilium” of Pope Honorius III (22 September 1220), introducing the novitiate in the Franciscan Order. The Review also features an abridged translated form of the paper published by Emil Kumka OFMConv in the Franciscan scientific review “Miscellanea Francescana” 111 (2011), entitled “Leo XIII and the Franciscan Family”, taking into account the efforts of Leo XIII to renew the Third Franciscan Secular Order. On the occasion of the 50 years since the reorganisation of the Provincial Archives of the Maltese OFM Province by the late Fr. George Aquilina (†2012), we present a translation of his own presentation of the same Archives, published in his prestigious history of the Maltese Franciscan OFM friars in 2011, just one year before his demise.

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