Spirit + Life No. 126: October – December 2018

October – December 2018


The Franciscan cultural review Spirit+Life features papers dedicated especially to the preparations underway for the celebrations of the 800 years of the coming of Saint Francis to the Levant, or Outremer, during the Fifth Crusade that was besieging Damietta in Egypt. It also features the first part of a study regarding Brother Bernardo di Quintavalle, the first follower and disciple of Saint Francis. The Editorial is dedicated to the theme of Saint Francis as a man of peace, and to the true significance of being instruments of peace in the world today, so as not to mix up a God-less pacifism with the authentic Christian message of peace of Francis and his brothers.

Free download here (pdf)

2018 – TAU Franciscan Communications
Permission granted for unlimited use.
Credit required.

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