Spirit + Life No. 127: January – March 2019


January – March 2019


The Franciscan Cultural Review Spirit+Life 127 (January – March 2019) features the translation of the second part of a study on Brother Bernardo di Quintavalle, the first companion of Saint Francis, by Bernardo Commodi OFMConv. Noel Muscat OFM presents the first part of a paper dedicated to the Origins of the Franciscan Presence in the Holy Land. This paper commemorates the 800 Years of the Arrival of Saint Francis in Acre and in Egypt during the Fifth Crusade, and his encounter with Sultan Al-Malek Al-Kamel. A summary translation of a paper by Archbishop Felice Accrocca on Bishop Guido I and Saint Francis provides new insights upon the role of the Assisi bishop during the period of “conversion” of the young Francis. The editorial is dedicated to the theme “Dialogue or Evangelisation”, in the light of the commemoration of the encounter of Francis with the Sultan, and also as a result of the recent visit of Pope Francis to the United Arab Emirates, and its importance in inter-religious dialogue between Christianity and Islam.

Free download here (pdf)

2019 – TAU Franciscan Communications
Permission granted for unlimited use.
Credit required.

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