History of the Franciscan Movement Vol.1

Vol. 1
Noel Muscat ofm
(pp. 115)

The History of the Franciscan Movement encompasses a period of 8 centuries characterised mainly by reforms and new expressions of the original charism of Francis of Assisi. This section has the aim of presenting a comprehensive view of Franciscan History, with particular reference to the First Order of Friars Minor, but also with a short history of the Second and Third Franciscan Orders. The aim is that of presenting a structured chronology of Franciscan events as they unfolded, particularly as a practical aid for further studies with the help of expert publications.

History Franciscan Movement 01 (pdf)

Dictated Writings

Noel Muscat ofm

Jacques Cambell introduced the term «dictated writings». In medieval Franciscan literature we sometimes find that Francis is said to have dictated some letters or other writings, whose contents are described, but without the original written form in which they were composed. They are accepted as Writings of Saint Francis, of which we know the existence, but whose content remains lost to us.

Dictated writings (pdf)

The Prayers of St. Francis

Noel Muscat ofm

5.1 Prayer before the Crucifix (1205/06) The Prayer before the Crucifix, composed originally in the Italian dialect of Umbria, is one of the earliest prayers among the Writings of Saint Francis. It was composed at the very beginning of his conversion process, when he would go to the derelict church of San Damiano to pray.

The prayers (pdf)